Tuesday, December 22, 2009

As 2009 comes to a bittersweet end many of us are looking forward to a new year of hope and opportunity in the spheres of work, personal growth and entertainment. For the last twelve months we have been faced with difficult decisions, tests of character and the tumultuous consequences of the not so symbiotic relationship between fear and greed. In our third and final installment of the holiday edition of The Pelican Report our contributors would like to focus on the brighter side of things. We would like to present a few tips to help you get through the holiday season with as much enjoyment and as little hassle as possible. Without any further delay I present the holiday edition of The Pelican Report (part three of three).

Drew V. Davitian

The Pelican Report
Issue 6, December 22nd, 2009


Cute Loot – Last Minute Accoutrements That Say It’s The Thought That Counts (In A Good Way)

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The Weekend Jaunt to NYC Ensemble

Lately it seems that everyone we know in Miami is taking a quick winter trip to the Big Apple. To help out our jet set male friends we are offering a montage of pieces that should keep them warm, cool and fashionable for two days in the city (and allow them to go carry-on to boot).

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5 Indispensable Rules For The Holiday Workplace

1. Limit yourself to 2 drinks (or less) at all holiday parties. – We’ve all seen him, the drunken guy from accounting breathing all over the cute receptionist, or the wafer thin copy girl stumbling from cubicle wall to cubicle wall; even the boss may get messy and loud after too many scotches. You can avoid a bad hangover and embarrassing morning after moments the like by just passing on the alcohol at the office holiday party. No one will notice except you and maybe the cute receptionist who you can now confidently rescue.
2. Avoid holiday sweaters, ties, pants and all other novelty items. – Most etiquette guides speak of how a man or women’s conversation should be remembered after a party not his or her clothing choices. Rest assured though, no matter how eloquent or charming you may be, if you sport a bedazzled Santa tie to the office for any occasion, you will look like an ass.

3. Never show up empty handed. – Taking the time to procure an item before arriving to someone’s home, party, evening out etc. separates those who have class from those who don’t. A bottle of wine or flowers is an easy and inexpensive standard, but a bit more creativity can make an incredible, lasting impression.

4. Keep a toiletry bad close at hand. – The holidays mean lots of impromptu festivities with different food and drink, long celebratory lunches and the opportunity to share a more casual back and forth with managers and executives up the chain of command. These events can be perfect opportunities to distinguish yourself as a leader in the office, but that is not going to happen if you breathe the morning’s onion bagel breath on your Executive Vice President. (You should Never, Never, Never eat anything with onions in it at work, Ever.) You should have these things in close reach at all times: tooth picks, floss, mouthwash, mints, facial wipes and hand sanitizer. We avoid recommending cologne as a defense against those who will douse themselves in it before meeting the CEO thus momentarily making the hallway smell like the dressing room at a gentleman’s club.

5. Never show up too early, or too late. The rule of thumb here is between on time and thirty minutes late; no later and no earlier! Show up too late and you might as well have worn that bedazzled Santa tie because you will look like an ass. Show up too early though, and you may inconvenience your host who must now entertain guests as well as set up the event further adding to his or her stress.

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